Undergraduate Courses

Whether you are in middle school, high school, an undergraduate, a graduate student, or a corporate executive, Mtech offers a broad array of entrepreneurship and innovation courses tailored for you.

ENES140, Discovering New Ventures - Foundations in Entrepreneurship
Students explore dynamic company startup topics by working in teams to design a new venture. This multi-disciplinary course helps students to learn the basic business, strategy, and leadership skills needed to launch new ventures. Topics include learning how to assess the feasibility of a startup venture, as well as how to apply best practices for planning, launching, and managing new companies. Students discuss a wide range of issues of importance and concern to entrepreneurs and learn to recognize opportunities, assess the skills and talents of successful entrepreneurs, and learn models that help them navigate uncertainty. (Scholarship in Practice)

ENES210, Entrepreneurial Opportunity Analysis and Decision-Making in 21st Century Technology Ventures
Undergraduate course helps students learn the principles of entrepreneurial opportunity analysis and decision-making in an increasingly technically-inclined society. (Scholarship in Practice & I-series)

ENES460, Fundamentals of Technology Start-Up Ventures
Undergraduate course offered online and on-campus helps students learn the processes and skills needed to launch and manage new technology ventures, with a focus on business plan development.

ENES461, Advanced Entrepreneurial Opportunity Analysis in Technology Ventures
Using a cognitive theoretical framework the course examines the integration of motivation, emotions and information processing modes to make complex entrepreneurial decisions in fast pace technology venture environments. The course is an informed and interesting exploration of entrepreneurial cognition with both theoretical and methodological contributions.

ENES462, Marketing High-Technology Products & Innovations
Marketing of high-technology products occurs in turbulent environments, and requires rapid decision making with incomplete information.  Innovations are introduced at frequent intervals, research-and-development spending is vital, and there are high mortality rates for both products and businesses. The course will provide a balance between conceptual discussions and applied/hands-on analysis.

ENES463, Strategies for Managing Innovation
Emphasizes how the technology entrepreneur can use strategic management of innovation and technology to enhance firm performance.  It helps students to understand the process of technological change; the ways that firms come up with innovations; the strategies that firms use to benefit from innovation; and the process of formulating strategy.

ENES464, International Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Focuses on the need for every entrepreneur and innovator to understand the global market in today’s hypercompetitive world, and to appreciate how to compete effectively in domestic markets by managing international competitors, suppliers, and influencers. Students develop skills to identify and manage opportunities on a global basis.

ENES466, Leading and Financing the Technology Venture
Focuses on the challenges of leading and financing new technology ventures. Leadership topics include team selection and formation, aligning rewards with relative contributions of team members, and how early decisions can enable or prevent founders from achieving results that align with their individual motivations for becoming an entrepreneur. Essential tools and methods for building a strong financial foundation for a new technology venture are examined. Includes important accounting principles as well as methods for keeping financial control of the technology venture. Insights are shared on navigating the multitude of financial barriers that may block your entrepreneurial success, as well as how to grow the technology venture from concept through launch.

ENES471, Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship
This course will highlight the critical legal and business issues entrepreneurs face as they build and launch a new venture. We will explore real world scenarios, and address legal and business issues from the moment entrepreneurs conceive of the idea to all of the important junctures along the path to success. Significant attention is placed on new venture formation, intellectual property management, and financing arrangements.