A firm grasp of the entrepreneurial process benefits every person engaged in developing innovations, from startups to established companies and organizations. The Minor in Technology Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation aims to impart students with precisely this knowledge and the essential skills that accompany it. Equipped with an entrepreneurial mindset and skill set, aspiring innovators can better drive economic growth by launching successful ventures and bringing new products and services to market.


To enroll in the Minor, students from any major on campus complete an advising worksheet at any time of the year. Students must apply for the Minor no later than one year before their graduation date. Applicants will be notified of their admission status within 30 days of submission.

Admission and advising for the Minor is managed by Mtech’s Learning and Development Team. Advising questions related to how the Minor courses may count towards degree requirements or other program requirements should be directed to the student’s academic advisor.


Students earn the minor by completing five courses for 15 credits. When completing the advising worksheet, students can see which courses are available prior to their projected graduation date. These courses may include:

  • ENES140: Discovering New Ventures
  • ENES210: Entrepreneurial Opportunity Analysis and Decision-Making in Technology Ventures
  • ENES460: Fundamentals of Technology Start-Up Ventures
  • ENES461: Advanced Entrepreneurial Opportunity Analysis in Technology Ventures
  • ENES462: Marketing High-Technology Products and Innovations
  • ENES463: Strategies for Managing Innovation
  • ENES466: Leading and Financing the Technology Venture
  • ENES471: Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship

For students enrolled in the Southern Management Leadership Program, the courses to complete the minor are the four SMLP courses, plus an eligible transfer course for ENES140.

  • SMLP470: Fundamental of Entrepreneurial Ventures
  • SMLP471: Entrepreneurial Finance
  • SMLP472: Strategies for Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • SMLP474: Essentials of Negotiations and Marketing for Entrepreneurs


Any questions? Email us at mtecheducation@umd.edu.