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Three EIP Teams Make the Do Good Challenge Semi-Finals

Three EIP Teams Make the Do Good Challenge Semi-Finals

Three teams of EIP students made it to the semi-final round of the University of Maryland Do Good Challenge.

The Do Good Challenge is an eight-week competition created by UMD students to encourage their peers to “Do Good.” This year’s competition includes $20,000 in total prize money.

EIP teams making the semi-finals included TurBinD, CompCare: Hair Initiative, and Umttr@UMD.

TurBinD is a team developing a small, eye-catching, turbine to be used as a charging station for students.

CompCare is a venture seeking to help the environment and community with value-added solutions to human and pet/animal hair waste, such as composting nitrogen-rich hair clippings collected from local salons.

Umttr is a community of young adults leading a movement to prevent bullying, depression and suicide on the University of Maryland campus.

Overall, sixteen EIP teams entered the Do Good Challenge.

TurBinD and Umttr were extended an exclusive invitation to attend the Do Good Finals Showcase with the chance to compete for a $750 Showcase Choice Award determined by a text-to-vote.

Historically, EIP students have won more than $10,000 in awards for Do Good Challenge projects.

April 12, 2016

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