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Trufina, an MTECH Ventures Company, Featured on CBS Early Show

Trufina, an MTECH Ventures Company, Featured on CBS Early Show

Trufina Inc., an MTECH Ventures portfolio company, was featured on the CBS Early Show on Saturday, August 19.

Regina Lewis, AOL Consumer Advisor, talked about the challenges of trust on the Internet as it relates to online dating, social networks (such as, and on the Internet in general. Regina showed how Wikipedia pages can by edited by any registered user, sometimes causing a lack of credibility in the information.

With Trufina, identity information is verified so users can trust that a Trufina user is who they say they are.

Trufina has recently received local and national attention, including an article featuring Trufina in the Wall Street Journal earlier this month.

Trufina joined MTECH Ventures' Technology Advancement Program, a leading venture incubator, in summer 2004. TAP expedites the maturation of young firms by providing extensive hands-on business support from experienced and entrepreneurial staff, access to funding sources, technical expertise and a turnkey infrastructure.

  • Watch the Early Show segment
  • Read the Wall Street Journal Article (subscription required)


Trufina is an online Identity Verification and management service. Trufina Inc. allows consumers to establish a verified identity on the Internet and share it so that others can be assured the information is accurate. By putting users in control of their own information, Trufina provides a unique way to establish trust online and build trusted communities.


MTECH Ventures, part of the University of Maryland's A. James Clark School of Engineering, provides entrepreneurship education to technology creators and delivers a portfolio of services and resources to entrepreneurs committed to bridging the gap between technical ideas and viable ventures.

August 17, 2006

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