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Mtech, OAEE Offer New Graduate Certificate for Technology Entrepreneurs

Mtech, OAEE Offer New Graduate Certificate for Technology Entrepreneurs

Innovation is the key to growth. Technology entrepreneurs drive economic growth by bringing innovations to market. The Clark School's Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute (Mtech) and the Office of Advanced Engineering Education (OAEE) are jointly offering a new, four-course Graduate Certificate in Engineering in Technology Ventures and Innovation to give technologists a firm grasp of the entrepreneurial process so they can launch successful ventures and bring products and services to the commercial sector.

Taking an innovative idea to the next level has many challenges, whether developed inside a university, government lab, established company, or startup. The Graduate Certificate in Technology Ventures and Innovation guides entrepreneurial engineers, scientists and technologists from any environment and through these challenges, best practices and tactics for successful venture building.

"Many of the engineers we have seen exposed to technology venturing and innovation best practices have become successful entrepreneurs," says Dr. James V. Green, Associate Director of Entrepreneurship Education at Mtech. "Working with either independent startup companies or new ventures within existing companies, engineers and technologists can take what they learn in our program and make an impact as an entrepreneur."


Fundamentals of Technology Startup Ventures

Strategies for Managing Innovation

ELECTIVE COURSES (select 2/4 courses)

Innovative Thinking

Corporate Technology Venturing

Engineering Decision Making

Emerging Manufacturing Processes: 21st Century Manufacturing


Bachelor's degree in engineering or a closely related field

or Bachelor's degree plus professional experience in a technology industry

3.0 Undergraduate GPA or better

No GRE scores necessary

June 5, 2009

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