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A new report presented this week by Governor O'Malley to advance the State of Maryland's position as a global life sciences leader includes increases and expansions for the Maryland Industrial Partnerships (MIPS) program.

The report, BioMaryland 2020: A Strategic Plan for the Life Sciences in Maryland, was generated by the Maryland Life Sciences Advisory Board, along with more than 100 leaders involved in bioscience development in Maryland, over the past 18 months.

The following recommendations were made for MIPS:

  • Increase overall annual MIPS funding to $6.0 million, with the requirement that 60 percent of total funding be allocated to bioscience projects, up from approximately 40 percent in the past year.

  • Expand MIPS to include Johns Hopkins University (JHU) and all other public or private institutions, reflecting the underlying intent of the program, which is to promote university-industry product R&D partnerships throughout Maryland.

  • Recognize the higher cost of bioscience project by funding them up to $100,000 per qualified fundable project, regardless of company size. (The current MIPS limit is $100,000 for all companies except start-up companies, defined as those with 12 or fewer employees, which are currently limited to $90,000.)

MIPS provides funding for research projects connecting Maryland companies with University System of Maryland faculty to develop technology-based products, services or training. Through MIPS, companies have created or improved revolutionary technologies, including: MedImmune's Synagis« drug, which prevents a respiratory disease in infants; HughesNet«, the world's leading Internet-via-satellite product; Black & Decker's ultra-efficient masonry drill bits; and Martek Bioscience's top-selling nutritional additive for healthy foods. Since 1987, MIPS has connected more than 400 companies in Maryland with faculty in the University System of Maryland to develop products in the fields of biotechnology, nanotechnology, engineering, computer science, information technology, homeland security, defense, and energy.

Commercial products benefiting from MIPS projects have generated more than $16.9 billion in revenue.

BioMaryland 2020 is a $1.3 billion, 10-year plan that reflects the state's identification of the bioscience industry as a strategic priority and is the result of significant assessment and deliberation over the past 18 months by members of the LSAB and its seven working groups. More than 100 leaders involved in bioscience development in Maryland?drawn broadly from industry, education, federal laboratories, and state and local economic development organizations?helped shape this Strategic Plan. Nine public LSAB meetings and two open public forums have been held throughout the state to engage Maryland's bioscience community in an ongoing dialogue to discuss how best to develop an even more vibrant bioscience industry that will create new jobs, drive sustained growth, and generate innovations for the benefit of mankind.

Click here for a complete copy of BioMaryland2020.

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