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Clark School Offers New Executive Education Program

Clark School Offers New Executive Education Program

The A. James Clark School of Engineering announces a new, one-day Executive Education program, "Strategic Marketing to Drive Real Results," to be offered on June 1, 2007.

The program, offered by MTECH Ventures, provides attendees with a fresh, results-driven perspective on the relationship between marketing, sales and branding. Through a dynamic format, this course will provide you with insights and tools you can apply the very next day, including how to build a “Power Brand,” what it takes to discover the “Strategic Anchors” to your Go-to-Market Model, and how to address the missing 2 ’P’s of marketing (Person and Positioning). Developing and managing marketing strategy, as well as creating and sustaining customer value, are also emphasized.

Key Takeaways

Through interactive lectures and hands-on exercises, you will conclude the day with new insights in strategic marketing, and will be prepared to put these principles to work immediately. The instructor will share tools, techniques, models and methodologies that:

  • Develop your understanding of the relationships between marketing, sales and branding by exploring the proprietary Navigator™ Go-to-Market Model to reveal the “Strategic Anchors”.

  • Explain why in any meaningful conversation on strategic marketing, every executive team must first establish what their overarching business strategy is – Because most Fortune 500 CEO’s can not do this in one coherent sentence, we will show you exactly how to create a powerful succinct expression of your company’s unique strategy.

  • Get back to basics on marketing with a quick review of the “4 P’s” of product, place, promotion, and price, while highlighting specific ways to take each element to a new level of impact on both top and bottom-line results – Plus introducing the missing two “P’s” (Person and Positioning) that are crucially important to strategic marketing.

  • Illuminate the important inter-relationship between marketing and branding, and examine why a discussion of strategic marketing is impossible without a simultaneous understanding of how to build a “Power Brand”.

Share in the secrets and strategies of Fortune 500’s to bring little known “Power Tools” and concepts to small and medium companies to help accelerate their business growth. This will include the discussion of the proprietary A-B-C methodology to build a “Power Brand”.

Apply today to be a part of wide-ranging and challenging discussions that bring you to the heart of strategic marketing.

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April 10, 2007

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