Mtech's Mission

    The mission of the Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute (Mtech), a unit of the A. James Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland, is to:

    • Educate the next generation of technology entrepreneurs;
    • Create successful technology ventures; and
    • Connect Maryland companies with university resources to help them succeed.

    Mtech has built a comprehensive entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem at the University of Maryland. Its programs arm top students from around the world with the knowledge of how to successfully launch companies and guide aspiring and existing entrepreneurs through the entire lifecycle of launching and maintaining technology-based ventures.

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    ASPIRE is a grant program for undergraduate researchers working with Clark School faculty on projects with commercial potential


    The University of Maryland and Virtanza to launch online stack of technology and professional sales courses

    The University of Maryland and Virtanza to launch online stack of technology and professional sales courses

    The University of Maryland announces the launch of an online stack of technology and professional sales courses in conjunction with Laguna Beach, Calif.-based Virtanza Career Pathways, an online sales curriculum and program manager.

    This new collaboration includes an intensive, 13-week, part-time, synchronous, online Technology Sales Program designed to train and empower individuals new to technology, or sales, or both, to compete for the growing number of artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, cyber security, Internet of Things, and technical sales positions in the global digital economy.

    “Emerging technologies are creating new business opportunities and challenges for small and large technology companies,” says Dr. James V. Green, Managing Director of Learning and Development for the Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute (Mtech) at the University of Maryland, sees the distinct edge the partnership gives learners. “These companies require a highly skilled salesforce of innovative thinkers with entrepreneurial mindsets to understand, market, and sell their innovative solutions.”

    Online learners now have access to rigorous, experiential, academically vetted sales training designed to accelerate and support learners in pursuing meaningful sales careers, while meeting them where their life demands. The Technology Sales Program enables students to learn with expert technology and sales instructors to develop an understanding of emerging technologies and the overall global digital economy. With this foundation, students explore technology sales roles and apply sales skill applications through real-world employer role-play simulations and the use of sales tools and technology. Students learn to assess their sales aptitude, competencies, and strengths to position their skills effectively for the technology sales employment market. 

    A digital credential of verifiable competencies and a sales profile within an employer portal are awarded upon graduation, with the goal of fast-tracking learners to answer and compete for the tens of thousands of open technology sales positions.

    “At the heart of our program is empowering our learners to realize their own potential and build and pursue a promising sales career path,” says Debbie Holzkamp, CEO and Founder of Virtanza. “With expert-led training and practice in the Technology Sales Program, our graduates will confidently drive revenue for their future employers and their customers by building relationships with small, medium, and enterprise business customers who need help transforming to low-cost, scalable technology and proven secure environments suited to their real-time needs.”

    An October Credly snapshot of the U.S. sales job landscape shows 1.8 million open sales positions. Leading technology companies, including Amazon, AWS, Red Hat, Microsoft Azure, and AT&T, are reporting increases in sales and business development headcount from 5-70% percent. Students of the Technology Sales Program at the University of Maryland will become qualified candidates with immediately transferrable skills and the confidence to answer the escalating needs of national and regional companies accelerating their business in the global digital economy.

    Further information on the Technology Sales Program, as well as the entire suite of part-time and flex Sales and Sales Management courses, can be found at https://sales.umd.edu/.

    October 28, 2021