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Clark School Offers New Executive Education Program

Clark School Offers New Executive Education Program

The A. James Clark School of Engineering announces its first Executive Education program, "Strategies for Managing Innovation," to be offered as a one-day course on January 26, 2007.

The program, offered by MTECH Ventures, will change the way you think about innovation, providing a holistic, comprehensive strategy for executing change. You will leave the day with the knowledge of how to build an innovation capability within your organization, enhance the way you respond to the challenges of innovation, and improve your ability to make innovation-centered decision-making.

The program connects the fundamentals of innovation with the critical decisions of technology strategy in an end-to-end approach to achieve breakthrough performance. It demonstrates how to build and manage rewarding customer relationships, both within the organization and with end-user communities. Using the dynamic, integrative skills created by industry leaders such as 3M, Apple, GE, and Corning, you will gain the capability to navigate the innovation environment and develop competitive strategies for success.

This intensive learning experience delivers sustainable value to participants and their organizations by helping them to:

  • Learn best practices for building an innovation capability to fuel competitiveness within existing businesses or new ventures;
  • Develop an intellectual property strategy that optimizes build-versus-buy decision-making in the global economy; and
  • Understand how to develop, manage and leverage customer relationships in a rapidly-changing, dynamic innovation environment.

Apply today to be a part of wide-ranging and challenging discussions that bring you to the heart of the opportunities and techniques for building and managing innovation.

For more information, visit the Executive Education web site.

November 30, 2006

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