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Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute (Mtech)
2012 Impact

Summary Highlights

With a $29.4 billion economic impact since 1985, 418 Maryland companies served by Mtech's programs in the past year alone and 18 entrepreneurship courses offered to students at nearly all levels, the A. James Clark School of Engineering's Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute supports the State of Maryland's technology economy by educating the next generation of technology entrepreneurs, creating successful technology ventures, and connecting Maryland companies with university resources to help them succeed.


Mtech’s total economic impact since 1985


Jobs created through Mtech's programs


Mtech Ventures company revenue generated, company acquisitions, investments and contracts by Mtech Ventures companies since 1985


Investment, grants and contracts raised or acquired by Mtech Ventures companies since 2010


Revenue generated by the top-performing MIPS products


University of Maryland Manufacturing Assistance Program’s economic impact on Maryland manufacturers since 2000


Enrollments in Mtech’s entrepreneurship education courses during the 2011-2012 school year


Entrepreneurship courses offered by Mtech during the 2011-2012 school year

$345,380 Entrepreneurship scholarships supported by Mtech in academic year 2011-2012


Companies engaged by Mtech programs in 2012

$697,500 Support for startups awarded through Mtech's business plan competitions since 2001


Initiatives at other universities based upon the successful Hinman CEOs Program


Total companies in the Technology Advancement Program, TERP Startup Laboratory and VentureAccelerator in 2012


Blockbuster Technology Advancement Program incubator graduates, including two that sold for $1B+ and another that developed pervasive hybrid-electric drive technology

902 Entrepreneurs have gained expert advice through Mtech's free, monthly, open Entrepreneur Office Hours and Innovation Office Hours

Cumulative Data

Cumulative Ventures and Partnerships Impact Data
Mtech Program Description Impact
Maryland Industrial Partnerships Revenue generated by products developed with MIPS projects since 1987 $25,248,161,346
Mtech Ventures Company revenue generated, company acquisitions, investments and contracts by Mtech Ventures companies since 1985 $3,578,271,346
MIPS Funding Combined MIPS and company funding, as well as in-kind and equipment contributions to MIPS projects, since 1987. $187,233,568
ASPIRE Funding A Scholars Program for Industry-Oriented Research in Engineering (ASPIRE) Program funding to support undergraduate research since 1998 $666,630
UMMAP University of Maryland Manufacturing Assistance Program’s economic impact on Maryland manufacturers since 2000 $383,180,946
UMD $75K BPC University of Maryland $75K Business Plan Competition prizes awarded since 2001 $697,500
Total $29,398,211,336


Cumulative Jobs Created by Mtech's Programs
Program Jobs
University of Maryland Manufacturing Assistance Program 2,040
Maryland Industrial Partnerships (MIPS) program 3,571
Technology Advancement Program 2,104
Hinman CEOs Program (Squarespace and Lurn employees) 124
Total job created or retained by Mtech’s programs since 1985 7,839


Companies Engaged by Mtech's Programs in 2012
Mtech Program Companies
Maryland Industrial Partnerships 35
Mtech Ventures: Technology Advancement Program, VentureAccelerator, and Terp Startup Lab 27
Entrepreneur Office Hours and Innovation Office Hours (combined) 203
Maryland International Incubator 10
Biotechnology Research and Education Program 47
Technology Ventures Building 13
University of Maryland $75K Business Plan Competition Finalists 9
ACC Clean Energy Challenge Finalists 10
University of Maryland Manufacturing Assistance Program 64
Total (does not include events and total competition entrants) 418


Venture Creation

New Statistic: In the past two years, companies on campus in Mtech Ventures' programs have generated revenue, won investments, grants, contracts and acquisitions worth $21,031,881 with assistance from the Mtech Ventures team.

Mtech Ventures Cumulative Impact Data
Dates/Description Impact
1985-2011: Company revenue generated, company acquisitions, investments and contracts by Mtech Ventures companies $3,564,124,849
2012: Company revenue generated, company acquisitions, investments and contracts by current Mtech Ventures companies at the University of Maryland $14,146,497
Total company revenue generated, company acquisitions, investments and contracts by Mtech Ventures companies since 1985 $3,578,271,346


Mtech Ventures 2012 Entrepreneur/Company Reach
Mtech Activity Companies/Entrepreneurs Served
Entrepreneurs attending Entrepreneur Office Hours and Innovation Office Hours in 2012, with a total of 902 served since 2008. 203
2012 UMD Startup Boot Camp Registrants 441
ACC Clean Energy Challenge Entries 27
Companies in the Technology Advancement Program, VentureAccelerator, and Terp Startup Lab in 2012 27
Total entrepreneurs and companies engaged by Mtech Ventures in 2012 698

Mtech Ventures: 2012 Highlights

OmniSpeech Gains More than $2.8 Million in Funding

OmniSpeech LLC, a company founded by Dr. Carol Espy-Wilson, a Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, raised almost $3 million in funding and grants in the past two years.

OmniSpeech sells call clarity software for smartphones, feature phones and radios based upon a novel speech extraction algorithm.

The company's recent funding includes $2 million in private investment in 2012, NSF Phase 1 ($135,000, 2011) and Phase 2 ($494,240, 2012) SBIR grants, a $75,000 TEDCO MTTCF seed grant, and a $135,000 Maryland Industrial Partnerships (MIPS) grant in 2011.

The company now has five full-time and two part-time employees.

OmniSpeech won the $50K SAIC-VentureAccelerator Competition in 2010, as well as $35,000 in the 2010 University of Maryland $75K Business Plan Competition.


RedOx Bought After Just Two Months in VentureAccelerator

RedOx (now Redox Power Systems), launched around the groundbreaking fuel cell research of UMD Energy Research Center Director Dr. Eric Wachsman, was purchased during the summer of 2012 after just two months in the VentureAccelerator Program. The acquisition team included university benefactor Warren Citrin, co-founder of Solipsys (acquired by Raytheon in 2003), and members of his former leadership team from Solipsys.

Redox's new leadership team invested $450,000 in the company, as well as entering into a multi-year research agreement with UMD's Energy Research Center. The company reports tremendous progress towards commercializing its technology, in conjunction with its growing portfolio of collaborators, suppliers and the Energy Research Center.

In 2007, Citrin established the $250,000 Impact Pre-Seed Fund at the University of Maryland, which offers grants, in $500 to $5,000 increments, to students in Mtech’s Hinman CEOs, Hillman Entrepreneurs, and Entrepreneurship and Innovation programs. In 2010, Citrin established the Warren Citrin Graduate Fellowships, which support four Ph.D. students interested in conducting commercially viable research in the broad area of sustainability, through a $560,000 gift.

Mtech, Dingman Center Launch Innovation Fridays

This fall, Mtech and the Dingman Center launched Innovation Fridays, a collection of signature resources now available across the entire campus for entrepreneurs and innovators.

Innovation Fridays combines the Dingman Center’s successful Pitch Dingman program with Mtech's broad-reaching Innovation Office Hours and Entrepreneur Office Hours. Both programs will be available from 11 a.m.-1p.m. every Friday throughout the year. A full schedule of locations is available at


University of Maryland, Mtech Host $100K ACC Clean Energy Challenge

The University of Maryland's Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute (Mtech) was selected as the principal lead for the $100K ACC Clean Energy Challenge, a new competition encouraging students throughout the southeastern United States to develop successful business plans and create new clean energy companies.

As part of the Obama Administration's effort to support and empower the next generation of American clean energy entrepreneurs, the Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) awarded $360,000 for the ACC Clean Energy Challenge and a total of $2 million to the ACC and five additional regions in the U.S. as part of its inaugural nationwide network of student-focused clean energy business plan competitions over the next three years.

The $100K ACC Clean Energy Challenge finals were held at the University of Maryland on April 25, 2012.

Mesdi Systems Inc., a company founded by a team of six students from the University of Central Florida (UCF) developing precision electrospray modules to accelerate and improve the production of lithium-ion battery components, won the first annual ACC Clean Energy Challenge and the Department of Energy’s $100,000 grand prize.

Winning second place and $15,000 was the University of Maryland team SafeLiCell, which is developing a noncombustible, flexible, polymer electrolyte material called Lithium Flex that would replace the highly flammable liquid electrolyte and bulky battery packaging found in most lithium-ion batteries.

On June 13, winners from each region competed in the Department of Energy's National Clean Energy Business Plan Competition, held in Washington, D.C.


ECE/Mtech Team Graduates from NSF's Innovation-Corps

The University of Maryland graduated its first team from the National Science Foundation (NSF) Innovation-Corps (I-Corps) startup accelerator program. UMD's I-Corps team consisted of Shuvra S. Bhattacharyya, professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) and the Institute for Advanced Computer Studies (UMIACS); ECE Assistant Research Scientist Chung-Ching Shen; and Dean Chang, director of Mtech's venture programs.

Through two months of intensive exploratory interactions with close to 100 customers from industry, interleaved with videoconference meetings with the I-Corps instructors, the SET Team members collaborated to develop a commercialization strategy for technology that has been developed over the past years in the Maryland DSPCAD Research Group, which is jointly affiliated with ECE and UMIACS.


Mtech Ventures companies at the end of 2012 included:

  1. Advanced Suture Solutions
  2. Astrapi
  3. Bellatrix Energy
  4. Cordex
  5. CosmosID
  6. FlexEl
  7. Icow
  8. IGI Technologies
  9. LabSquare
  10. Maryland Energy and Sensor Technologies
  11. MiMo Cloud
  12. MyeCab
  13. NuwaDB
  14. Omnispeech
  15. Prognosys
  16. Rakta Therapeutics
  17. Remedium Technologies
  18. Renova Life
  19. Resensys
  20. SD Nanosciences
  21. SortIQ
  22. Subject 7
  23. Tseai Energy Unlimited
  24. Visisonics
  25. Zymetis


2012 TAP graduates: AccuStrata, Goozex (acquired for $1.5 million)



With a companies with university resources to help them succeed.

Mtech Partnerships Companies Engaged in 2012
Mtech Program Companies
Maryland Industrial Partnerships (MIPS) 35
Biotechnology Research and Education Program (BREP) 47
University of Maryland Manufacturing Assistance Program (UMMAP) 64
Tech Ventures Building 12
Maryland International Incubator 10
Total 168


Leverage of Maryland Industrial Partnerships (MIPS) Funding
Description Funding
MIPS cash contributed $39,560,209
Company cash contributed $22,314,282
Company in-kind and equipment contributions $108,802,896
University overhead $20,514,585
Total value of MIPS projects since 1987 $191,191,972
Leverage of MIPS funding to company contributions 4.2:1


MIPS Statistical Highlights (based upon a 2012 study by Richard Clinch, from the The Jacob France Institute, University of Baltimore)

  • MIPS Products Generate $3 Billion in Sales, Support 3K+ Jobs in One Year
    MIPS products generated over $3 billion in product sales and supported 3,615 ongoing jobs in Maryland in calendar 2011 alone. When the multiplier-based economic impacts associated with this activity are included, the economic impacts associated with the production and sale of these commercialized technologies total $4.8 billion in economic activity in Maryland, supporting 15,191 jobs earning $1.1 billion in labor income during 2011.

  • MIPS Pays for its Lifetime of Funding in One Year
    The economic impacts associated with MIPS-supported technology generated an estimated $87.3 million in state tax revenues in the year 2011 alone. These estimated one-year 2011 state tax revenues significantly exceed the $37 million lifetime costs of the MIPS program. An estimated $70.6 million in local government revenues was also generated by MIPS supported technologies in 2011.

  • MIPS Projects Attract $884.2 Million in Additional Funding
    MIPS lifetime spending of $37.0 million assisted in catalyzing the development and commercialization of technologies that have attracted $884.2 million in additional grant, debt, equity, and venture capital funding into Maryland.

  • MIPS-Supported Companies Acquired from More than $18 Billion
    Several MIPS-supported companies have been acquired over the past few years and the acquisition cost of these companies has totaled over $18.0 billion dollars.


Mtech’s Biotechnology Research and Education Program (BREP) Clients (non-University of Maryland), 2012: 47 Total

  1. ABL, Inc (Rockville)
  2. Acidophil LLC. (Lutherville)
  3. Advanced BioNutrition Corp (Columbia)
  4. Air Liquide (DE)
  5. American Russian Cancer Alliance (ARCA, Washington DC)
  6. Arizona State University
  7. Ark Sciences (Baltimore & NY)
  8. AscentGene, Inc., (Rockville)
  9. Beijing's Zhongguancun Science Center (China)
  10. Biofactura (Rockville)
  11. BioHealth Innovation, Inc. (Rockville)
  12. Birich Technology (College Park)
  13. Chemical Biological Medical Systems (CBMS, Fort Detrick)
  14. Fibercell (Frederick)
  15. Fina BioSolutions (Rockville)
  16. FMC Corp (NJ)
  17. Fox Chase Cancer Center (Philadelphia)
  18. Fyodor Biotechnologies Inc. (Baltimore)
  19. GlycoPure (Rockville)
  20. Hoffman LaRoche (NJ)
  21. Imagilin (Frederick)
  22. Intrexon (Germantown)
  23. MedCoVac (Rockville)
  24. MedImmune (Gaithersburg)
  25. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST, Gaithersburg)
  26. National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (Ireland)
  27. NCI/NIH (Frederick)
  28. New Brunswick Scientific (NJ)
  29. PALL Corp (Timonium)
  30. Paragon Bioservices (Baltimore)
  31. Precision Antibody (Columbia)
  32. Qiagen Inc. (Germantown)
  33. Quality Solutions, LLC (Baltimore)
  34. Quanta Biosciences (Gaithersburg)
  35. RGI Consulting Group (MA)
  36. Rutgers University (NJ)
  37. Safe Equine Technologies- (Baltimore)
  38. Sartorius
  39. Spectrum Laboratories (Rockville)
  40. University of California, San Francisco
  41. USDA (Beltsville)
  42. Valens Therapeutics, Inc. (Baltimore)
  43. Vigilant Bioservices (Baltimore)
  44. WR Grace Inc (Columbia)
  45. Xellerex (Allentown, PA)
  46. Yisheng US BioPharma, Inc (Gaithersburg)
  47. ZenPure (VA)

BREP Workshops, 2012

  • Technology Workshops (open workshops) with attendees from a variety of institutions including: Life Technologies Corp., Alkermes, Human Genome Sciences, EMD Serono Research Institute, Pfizer, Terumo BCT, Inc., BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc., MIT, Harvard, University of Kentucky and University of Michigan.

  • Cell Culture Technology Workshop, March 2012

  • Fermentation Biotechnology Workshop, June 2012

  • Downstream Workshop, June 2012

University of Maryland Manufacturing Assistance Program Companies Served, 2012: 64

  1. 2020 GeneSystems, Inc.
  2. Aeroflex Weinschel Corp
  3. ARRC
  4. Atlas Container Corp
  5. Bakery Express-Mid Atlantic
  6. Beacon Research, Incorporated
  7. Becton Dickenson Diagnostic Systems
  8. Blue Infusion Technologies, llc
  9. BlueWing Environmental Solutions & Technologies, LLC
  10. Bowles Fluidics Corp.
  11. Braswell Precision
  12. Cadista Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  13. Cambridge International
  14. Captain's Choice Food Products
  15. CDM
  16. Chicago Metallic Corporation
  17. Corridor Pharmaceuticals, Inc
  18. CSA Medical
  19. Deli Brands of America
  20. Dixon Valve & Coupling Co.
  21. E-Structors, Inc.
  22. Earth Networks
  23. Erachem Comilog, Inc.
  24. EU Services
  25. Fuchs North America Inc
  26. Hooper Island Oyster Aquaculture
  27. Human Genome Science, Inc.
  28. HY-TEK Bio, LLC.
  29. Ikea Distribution Services
  30. Imagilin Technology, LLC
  31. Innovative Bios
  32. Instant Access Networks, LLC
  33. Interstate Container
  34. Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
  35. Knorr Brake Corp.
  36. Konsyl Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  37. Leadership Health LLC
  38. Lonza Walkersville, Inc.
  39. Luke's Premier Foods, LLC
  40. Martin Marietta Materials Inc - Boonsboro Quarry
  41. Old Federal Tool Co. Inc.
  42. Omic Biosystems, Inc.
  43. Pasadena Recycling
  44. Phoenix Mecano Inc.
  45. Plant Sensory Systems, LLC
  46. Plasmonix, Inc.
  47. Plasticoid Company
  48. Plymouth Tube Co.
  49. Post Newsweek Media, Inc.
  50. Prasidiux, LLC
  51. Smart Slope, LLC
  52. Smiths Detection
  53. Spartech Polycom Film Converting Division - formerly VPI Mirrex
  54. Stress Indicators, Inc.
  55. Syntonics LLC
  56. TamKo Roofing Products
  57. Thales Communications
  58. TIPCO Technologies, Inc.
  59. TW Perry
  60. Under Armour
  61. Under Armour - MIPS
  62. VisiSonics Corporation
  63. William T. Burnett & Company
  64. Zuvachem, Inc.

Tech Ventures Building Companies: 2012

  1. Accustrata
  2. Applied Media Analysis, Inc.
  3. Avian Engineering
  4. Berberian and Company
  5. CATT/T2 (Civil Engineering)
  6. CoolCAD Electronics
  7. DataStream Content Solutions
  8. Enterprise Sciences, Inc
  9. Intelligent Optics/Visionics
  10. Maxion Technologies
  11. Optimized Thermal Systems
  12. Organon Advisors
  13. Traffax

Maryland International Incubator Companies: 2012
Company Country Of Origin Industry Sector
Shanghai Dycent Biotech China Biotechnology
Beijing Glodon China Construction Software
Parasat Kazakhstan R&D Holding Company
Shanxi Clear Spring China Environmental
Romania Group for Investments and Consultancy Romania Investment Group
Nanjing SignalWay Antibody China Biotechnology
Loccioni Italy Test Equipment
Canon US Life Science Japan Biotechnology
Golden Island Medical Technology China Medical Technology
Shanghai Fahe Company China Construction Technology

Mtech Partnerships: 2012 Highlights

MIPS Celebrates 25 Years
Mtech's Maryland Industrial Partnerships (MIPS) program celebrated 25 years of impact in Maryland on November 7 at a gala held at the university's Riggs Alumni Center.
Awards presented included (full list here):

MIPS Greatest Economic Impact Awards

    Hughes Network Systems
    HughesNet® is the largest-selling product ever developed with the help of the MIPS program. Dr. John Baras, Lockheed Martin Chair in Systems Engineering and Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Institute for Systems Research at the University of Maryland created the algorithms by which the Internet is delivered over satellite worldwide.

    Dr. John Baras, Lockheed Martin Chair in Systems Engineering and Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Institute for Systems Research at the University of Maryland, for development of HughesNet®.

    Martek and Medimmune: MIPS projects assisted in the development of two additional products that have sales in excess of $1B: Martek’s DHA and ARA essential nutritional oils, and MedImmune’s Synagis®.

    Awarded to CSA Medical, whose product achieved FDA approval as a result of the MIPS project with Dr. Bruce Greenwald, Professor of Medicine at the University of Maryland, Baltimore.

2012 Recent MIPS Company News (with links)

  • Motorola Solutions Invests in TRX Systems Inc. as part of a nearly $2 million Series A investment round that included New Dominion Angels, the Maryland Department of Economic Development and inside investors (link)

  • Imagilin Technology enters into an exclusive U.S. distribution agreement with Bioniche Life Sciences (link)

  • Telcare raises $25.5 million from Sequoia Capital and the Qualcomm Life Fund (link)

  • Fyodor Biotechnologies expands within the University of Maryland BioPark (link)

  • U. Va. adopts emergency desktop alert system developed by Alertus (link)

  • BioFactura awarded nearly $2 million in grants for biopharmaceutical platform development (link)

  • Beyond Meat (formerly called J Green Foods) featured on NPR for its MIPS-supported product (link)

  • TRX Systems wins SBA Tibbetts Award for Excellence in Government R&D (link)

  • Earth Networks uses neighborhood-level weather data for home energy efficiency/demand response programs with UMD (link)

  • WSJ's Walt Mossberg features Telcare's world-first cellular-enabled blood glucose meter for diabetes (link)

  • Genovation tests a new hybrid car design at UMD's wind tunnel through the Mtech MIPS program (Fox, Baltimore Sun, Washington Post)

Cell Culture Technology Workshop Fills

Mtech's Cell Culture Technology Workshop, new in 2012 and hosted by Mtech's Biotechnology Research and Education Program, sold out with 13 participants from a range of companies and institutions, including Life Technologies Corp., Alkermes, Human Genome Sciences, MIT and Harvard. The session, held March 26-28, featured hands-on instruction with various cell culture expression systems and introduced attendees with the techniques, methodologies, principles, and applications of anchorage-dependent and suspension-adapted cell lines.

The workshop laboratory sessions took place in a newly operational learning facility located within the University of Maryland's Biopharmaceutical Advancement Facility on the Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology Research (IBBR)-Shady Grove campus.

Entrepreneurship Education

2011-212 Academic Year Statistics

  • 18 Mtech entrepreneurship courses offered in academic year 2011-2012 for graduate, undergraduate, high school and middle school students

  • 1,003 enrollments in Mtech's entrepreneurship courses in academic year 2011-2012

  • $345,380 entrepreneurship scholarships supported by Mtech in academic year 2011-2012

  • 24 initiatives at other universities based upon the Hinman CEOs Program

  • 82 students in the Hinman CEOs Program [34 graduated in academic year 2011-2012]

  • 45 students in the Hillman Entrepreneurs Program (15 total graduated in 2012)

  • 189 students in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program [63 graduated in 2012]

  • 132 students enrolled in the Minor in Technology Entrepreneurship

2012 Highlights

  • The new Minor in Technology Entrepreneurship exceeds 100 enrollments.

  • Mtech Creates Entrepreneurship Course for UMD's Coursera Portfolio
    Mtech's Dr. James V. Green developed a course for the University of Maryland's Coursera portfolio of classes, titled "Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies," with over 65,000 enrollments.  The six-week course, commencing January 2013, assists aspiring entrepreneurs in developing great ideas into great companies. Using proven content, methods, and models for new venture opportunity assessment and analysis, students will learn how to use a business model approach to analyze each part of a company; and a customer development orientation to see if anyone really wants the product. Value propositions, customer segments, strategic alliances, and business modeling are core elements taught in the course. The initial steps to creating a business plan, and raising financial capital to launch the firm, are examined as well.

  • New Grant to Support Program and Course Development
    The Hinman CEOs Program was awarded a $44,100 grant to support developing and delivering a marketing high-technology products and innovations course. The grant is focused on equipment, materials, supplies, and prototyping of students’ new venture concepts. The course launched fall 2012.

  • New course - ENES465: Entrepreneurial Design Thinking
    This new course explores the use of design thinking as an approach to developing customer-centered solutions to problems and fostering sustained innovation within an organization. Through interactive lectures, discussions, and hands-on, team-based activities, students learn design thinking strategies and apply them to finding innovative product- or service-based solutions to contemporary issues.

  • New course - ENES143: Communication Essentials for Entrepreneurs
    In this new course, students learn the processes and skills needed to give effective business presentations related to start-up ventures. Focus on how to research topics and companies; organize material based on speaking goals; analyze audience groups to meet speaking expectations; prepare informative and compelling presentation slides; deliver speeches professionally and effectively, and actively listen and provide speaker feedback to fellow students.

  • Inaugural Silicon Valley Trip
    In May 2012, 14 Hinman CEOs student spent seven days in the San Francisco Bay Area visiting leading startups, venture capitalists, and innovative technology firms, including Facebook, Google, Cisco, Electronic Arts, Pixar, Amazon Lab 126, Zoosk, Mayfield Ventures, Accelops, wePay, Greylock, and Yammer. Hinman CEOs students and alumni were hosted one evening for dinner at Brian Hinman’s home in Los Gatos. The trip was co-led with Mark Wellman, Director of the Business, Society, and the Economy Program in College Park Scholars.

  • New Internship Program
    Mtech established a Hillman internship program with the Maryland Small Business Development Center and the Maryland Procurement Technical Assistance Program. Five Hillman students participated.

  • Mtech hosts statewide Maryland High School Business Plan Competition
    Mtech hosted the finals for the first Maryland High School Business Plan Competition on Saturday, June 9, 2012. Five teams of finalists from four different counties throughout the state, who passed through two rounds of elimination and online votes, presented their business plans to a panel of expert judges and a public audience. Finalists competed for $10,000 in cash and prizes. Awards included scholarships to the Entrepreneurship Essentials Online Program for high school students, which enhances students' entrepreneurship skills for launching an innovative venture, starting a new career, and diversifying their education.

  • Mtech Contributes to #14 UMD Ranking by The Princeton Review and Entrepreneur Magazine, #12 in U.S. News & World Reports, Both for Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Programs
    Mtech contributed to The Princeton Review and Entrepreneur Magazine ranking of the University of Maryland as  #14 among the “Top Entrepreneur Programs” for undergraduates in 2013, and the #12 ranking of the University of Maryland in entrepreneurship at the undergraduate level by U.S. News & World Reports.


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