New Mtech Manufacturing Consulting Director to Companies: Succeed by Creating High-Value Products and Services Worth the Cost

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  September 28, 2010


Eric Schurr
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Bill Barnes, director, University of Maryland Manufacturing Assistance Program

COLLEGE PARK, Md.—Bill Barnes, the new director of the University of Maryland Manufacturing Assistance Program, knows how manufacturers can compete in the 21st century: create high-value products that customers are willing to pay more for, as opposed to competing with off-shore manufacturers and lower-quality goods.

The Manufacturing Assistance Program is a high-value, high-impact consulting organization that provides growth and operational consulting services to manufacturers in Maryland.

Barnes led two successful National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) centers in Ohio, generating over $1 billion in additional sales and cost savings and creating 3,000 jobs at client manufacturing companies.

"Real results come only from the creation of products and services that are highly valued by customers who are willing to pay a differential to receive them," says Barnes. "Manufacturers who adopt this viewpoint and adapt to the model of continuous product differentiation will relieve themselves of the pricing and cost pressures that demonstrate product mediocrity from the customer’s point of view."

Barnes is launching the Manufacturing Assistance Program's Next Generation Plus strategy, through which the Manufacturing Assistance Program provides manufacturers with the knowledge and support that allows them to create market-based differentiation of products, services and channels. Manufacturing Assistance Program experts work with manufacturers to harness technology and innovation that results in new business opportunities. These experts also support manufacturers as they resolve operational problems that impact their ability to generate results.

According to an independent third party hired to survey the Manufacturing Assistance Program’s clients by the Federal Government’s Department of Commerce in 2008, Manufacturing Assistance Program clients received:

  • A return on fees paid of $16 for every $1 spent by clients;
  • Over $1.5 Million in new or retained sales on average from Manufacturing Assistance Program projects; and
  • Over $117,000 on average in operating cost savings from work performed by Manufacturing Assistance Program experts.

As vice president of manufacturing and innovation for the Cleveland, Ohio-based MEP center MAGNET, Barnes led the generation of $1 billion in additional sales and cost savings. In addition, 3,000 jobs were created at client companies. He also merged six internal business units and an outside consulting organization into MAGNET and lowered MAGNET’s operating risk by generating more than $1.5 million in surplus.

Barnes was a consultant for much of his career, including 12 years with Arthur Andersen in Chicago.

As a business manager and change agent experienced in growing revenue and reducing costs in economic development organizations and industry, he has built organizations through joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, and partnering, as well as by restructuring marketing, sales, operations, logistics, and IT units. 

Barnes's experience includes leading business teams delivering lean/6-SIGMA, training, quality systems, growth planning, market research, new product development, engineering and IT projects. 

He has done work for organizations in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

Barnes graduated from Purdue University with a degree in industrial management.

The University of Maryland Manufacturing Assistance Program (
The University of Maryland Manufacturing Assistance Program, a program of the Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute (Mtech), is a highly effective economic development organization.  It provides services to manufacturers in the State of Maryland that help them grow and become more efficient and effective, ultimately helping them become more profitable so they can create jobs. The Manufacturing Assistance Program’s results speak for themselves, generating sales and profits for clients with a return on fees paid that makes the program a high-value, high-impact consulting organization.

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