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The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) and Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute (MTECH) offer free assistance to Maryland manufacturers in implementing environmental management systems (EMSs) based on the ISO 14001 global standard. Fifty-seven Maryland manufacturers have taken advantage of the program and a new group is forming now. The program works with groups of four to five businesses at a time and enrollment is on a first come-first served basis.

Environmental Management Systems

EMSs help organizations systematically identify and manage their regulated as well as unregulated environmental impacts. Over 88,000 organizations worldwide have registered their conformance to ISO 14001, but many more facilities have realized the benefits of implementing an EMS without taking the formal step of registering their company.

Organizations that have implemented EMSs find that it has helped to:

  • improve their environmental regulatory compliance;
  • resolve and prioritize organizational issues;
  • improve efficiency, reduce environmental costs and liability;
  • increase environmental awareness, involvement, and competency throughout the organization;
  • increase top management’s participation and involvement in environmental management; and
  • improve communication both inside; and outside the organization.

How the Program Works

This six-month program assists manufacturing organizations in implementing an EMS during four one-day workshops, spaced six weeks apart, followed by specific work assignments and supported by field implementation assistance. Program participants will also be offered technical assistance on implementation of cost-saving pollution prevention technologies. There is no cost for participation.

What Our Participants Say

“We really enjoyed the program. We particularly liked its interactive nature (i.e., working closely with other organizations), the free exchange of information, and the invaluable technical assistance.”

Dan Rettig, PerkinElmer Fluid Sciences

"When the opportunity was presented by MDE to receive assistance in developing and implementing our environmental management system, we enthusiastically agreed to participate. We understand the difficulty and costs associated with ISO and EMS implementation, compliance and certification as well as finding a consulting service with proven experience and success. We have a very high opinion of the University of Maryland, its technical competence and experience related to ISO and business and quality excellence, having participated in the University of Maryland Programs ISO Consortium and U.S. Senate and Maryland Quality Program.”

-John McNulla, President, Nurad Technologies

“Jim Schaarsmith (MTES Facilitator) is a true expert in ISO 14001. His understanding and experience greatly influenced the implementation team on grasping the overall concepts. His assistance in drafting the detailed procedures needed was invaluable. I have been to two other workshops on ISO 14001 and Jim gave us insight that was never before clearly presented.”

-Laura Hartwell, ATK Elkton, LLC

“Even without registration, Airpax TSP is a much stronger, safer and more environmentally friendly organization as a result of all our efforts over the last year.

-Kenny Smith, Airpax TSP

"This program has been a tremendous help for us. We're now is a position to prepare a template for our other bottling facilities in 2006 and we couldn't have done it without this program."

-Reggie Prime, Coca-Cola Enterprises

“This is a very well-run program. The knowledge, experience and willingness of the team to help have been exceptional.”

-Kaye Cleghorn, General Dynamics Robotics Systems


Since the program started in 2000, interns have completed projects at 14 companies and have documented results of $1,275,000 in savings, and $1,100,000 in increased sales.

Our goal for this program is to achieve measurable results through pollution prevention and energy reduction. Consequently, it is our hope that the participating companies will be committed to exploring implementation of economically feasible solutions and that the interns can provide assistance in implementing them.

I hope this answers some of your questions about how this program works. Please do not hesitate to contact Paul Gietka with any additional questions sat 410-916-4061.

Contact Information

For more information, call or e-mail Laura Armstrong at 410-537-4119, or Paul Gietka at 410-706-3445.



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