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Lower your operating costs and gain a competitive edge! The Maryland Department of the Environment offers free, on-site technical assistance through the University of University of Maryland Manufacturing Assistance Program.  These visits can help you:

  • Make more efficient use of the energy and raw materials you use,
  • Reduce waste disposal and handling costs,
  • Reduce regulatory compliance and liability costs, and
  • Improve employee safety and health.

To learn more about pollution prevention and to schedule an on-site evaluation of your business, call MDE’s Pollution Prevention Program at 1-800-633-6101 (ext. 4119). Scheduling a Pollution Prevention Site Visit
Curious to know what you might learn from a pollution prevention site visit?  Simply call the Maryland Department of the Environment’s Pollution Prevention Program at (410) 537-4119.  We will arrange for an experienced engineer at the University of Maryland Manufacturing Assistance Program to contact you to schedule a visit.  Most site visits take about one hour to complete, depending on the size and complexity of the facility.  Following the visit, you’ll receive a report summarizing the opportunities identified at your facility and an offer to provide further assistance in implementing them. 

These pollution prevention opportunity assessments are not inspections!  They are confidential, completely voluntary and non-regulatory. The purpose is not to evaluate your facility’s compliance with environmental regulations, but rather to assess voluntary measures that are good for both the environment and your bottom line.
Join other companies throughout the state that have taken advantage of this free assistance since 1999. 

“What a great service.  I highly recommend it to others.” 
—Carol Green, Groundfloor Xposure

Maryland Department of the Environment
1800 Washington Boulevard
Baltimore, MD  21230



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