Lean and Green Services

The Green Suppliers Network program works with large manufacturers and their suppliers to reduce environmental impacts and improve competitiveness through lean manufacturing.  The program has a particular focus on small and medium-sized suppliers, which are often nominated for program participation by their original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers.   The program enables small and medium-sized manufacturers to better understand all areas of waste, environmental concerns, and opportunities for improvement.  Through the Green Suppliers Network review process, the company will be shown how it can:

  • Improve its use and selection of raw materials
  • Reduce labor and capital costs
  • Establish systems to use energy more efficiently
  • Institute consistent work practices and procedures
  • Encourage greater employee participation in improvement activities
  • Decrease the use of toxic and/or nonrenewable materials
  • Identify potential environmental alternatives
  • Identify customer specification conflicts

In addition to reducing the environmental impact and improving competitiveness of small and medium-sized suppliers, the goals of this effort are to: (1) develop state and MEP centers as local Green Suppliers Network champions of the program and (2) develop a self-sustaining model for each MEP center to deploy the program.   This project further strives to strengthen the local and state relationships between the MEP Centers and state and local environmental agencies and organizations. 

For more information about the Green Suppliers Network program, please visit www.greensuppliers.gov.



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