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The University of Maryland Manufacturing Assistance Program (UMMAP) is performing shared-cost, on-site energy audits in conjunction with the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) for medium-to-large size commercial and industrial facilities that are not currently being served through the existing EmPOWER Maryland programs. The energy assessment services benefit your organization by evaluating the facility's current energy use and making recommendations for energy efficiency improvements.  These services are the first step in helping your facility to:

  • reduce energy consumption;
  • lower electricity bills; and
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

If you would like to learn more about how you participate in this program, simply contact the Maryland Energy Administration Program Manager listed below. The Program Manager will arrange for an experienced engineer at the University of Maryland Manufacturing Assistance Program to contact you to schedule an energy assessment visit.  An assessment consists of two phases: the pre-assessment and the on-site assessment. The pre-assessment is an examination of the historical and descriptive energy usage related data for the facility. The on-site assessment will include a facilities tour, equipment inventorying, interviews, documentation reviews, and measurements. Depending on the size and complexity of your facility, the assessments will last between one to three days. The goals of the energy assessments are:

  • clearly identify types and costs of energy use;
  • understand how energy is being used (and possibly wasted);
  • identify and analyze cost effective ways of using energy through improved operational techniques and new equipment, processes, or technology; and
  • perform economic analysis of alternatives to determine cost effectiveness.

Following the assessment, UMMAP will provide a report summarizing your facility's energy use and recommending specific energy efficiency improvements that will improve the facility’s energy performance. Some of the recommendations will be relatively low-cost operational changes that can be implemented immediately, while other energy saving recommendations could require engineering design and capital investment for implementation. UMMAP may be available to provide additional technical assistance.

In order to help reduce the upfront cost of implementing energy efficiency improvements in your facility, the Maryland Energy Administration will fund a significant portion of the cost of the energy assessment through the Strategic Energy Investment Fund. This includes funding up to 50 percent of the cost of the assessment for businesses and up to 75 percent of the cost of the assessment for non-profit facilities. 

Join other commercial and industrial businesses throughout the State of Maryland that are taking advantage of this valuable energy saving opportunity.

For more information call or email MEA Program Manager Jesse Fulton at (440) 260-7184, jfulton@energy.state.md.us, or Bob Barazotto at (410) 706-4775, bobbar@umd.edu



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