Lean and Green Services

Improve Productivity, Reduce Defects, Improve Lead-times, Deliver On-time, Reduce Inventory and Gain a Competitive Edge

We will help you find the waste that exists in your company and we’ll work with you to reduce it, or better yet, eliminate it! Every dollar manufacturers lose from inefficient or ineffective operations is multiplied on the bottom line and every bit of unrealized capacity can mean lost sales and profits. Lean is not optional in today’s business world, it is a requirement. We offer services for every manufacturer at every stage of the Lean journey, and Lean Transformation is a never ending journey.

Lean Culture Development

  • Lean Peer Group
  • Leadership/Steering Committee Guidance

Lean Awareness Sessions

  • Management Overview
  • Principles of Lean
  • Lean & Clean Manufacturing
  • Lean for the Office


  • Factory Level
  • Value Stream Level

Plant Layout

  • Based on Lean Principles
  • Facility Expansion or Relocation

Implementation Approach

  • Initial Focus on Pilot/Model Area
  • Kaizen Events
  • Phased Implementation Projects

Lean Implementation/ Tools

  • Value Stream Mapping
  • The 5S System
  • Setup Reduction
  • Cellular/Flow Manufacturing
  • Pull Systems/Kanban
  • Total Productive Maintenance
  • Mistake-ProofingStandard Work
  • Idea System Design
  • Fundamental Quality Tools of Lean Six Sigma


  • Sustainable Company Improvement through Employee Engagement
  • Expansion of Lean Throughout the Organization
  • Development of a Continuous Improvement Culture


  1. Principles of Lean sessions - 1 ½ hour to 1 day sessions available. ½ day or longer sessions available with simulation exercise option.

  2. All topics can be customized and modified to address the specific needs of the company and industry.

  3. Lean Tools training is typically presented as part of an improvement project, but can be presented as stand-alone training if requested.

Please contact Dave Rizzardo, 410-916-3230, Mtech’s Lean Services Manager for further information.



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