Lean and Green Services

Resistance to Change—It’s Just Part of the Process!
(January – March 2014)

Course Background and Overview

Resistance to change is simply a part of any change process; it should be expected, and the process of developing a Lean/Continuous Improvement culture is no exception. To overcome this resistance, or more importantly, to turn this resistance into positive energy in support of the Lean strategy, it is critical to understand the reasons or root causes of resistance. Then, effective countermeasures can be developed and instituted. If the resistance is not understood, and company leadership overreacts to this inevitable part of the change process, barriers will be created which will severely limit, if not totally destroy, any progress towards the desired Lean/Continuous Improvement culture.

Who Should Participate?

This course should be considered for personnel at any Leadership level. Typically, a Lean transformation requires a role adjustment from supervisors or managers to team or group leaders. This course will help prepare these individuals to transition into their new roles and responsibilities. Or, if you are looking for training for future leaders, this course will be invaluable. This course is one of the modules within Mtech’s Lean Leadership Learning Series which is focused on the development of Lean leaders at every level within an organization.

Who is the Instructor?

Dave Rizzardo, who will lead the sessions, drives the Lean/Continuous Improvement practice of Mtech’s Lean and Green Services www.leanandgreen.umd.edu and has done so for the past 14 years. Dave has extensive Lean experience working with a broad range of organizations and applying Lean concepts in a variety of processing environments. He leads engagements in both production and administrative value streams. The Lean Leadership Learning Series is a component of Mtech’s “Lean Culture Development” service category which also includes Lean Peer Group and Leadership/Steering Committee Guidance components.

What is the Session Format?

  • The course will consist of a 2 hour introductory session, followed by 3 monthly half-day sessions
  • Sessions are led by Dave Rizzardo, Mtech’s Lean Services Manager, but some attendees will have an opportunity to present short summaries of assigned chapters
  • Location – University of Maryland, College Park, MD

What is the Cost?

  • Cost is $750 per individual
  • The primary reference books will be provided to each attendee
  • Course notes and presentation slides will be provided electronically following each session
  • At least 8 total registrants are required for the class to be held, and each class is limited to 20 to facilitate attendee interaction and discussions

What are the Course Reference Books?

  • BEYOND THE WALL OF RESISTANCE: Why 70% of All Changes STILL Fail – and What You Can Do About It, by Rick Maurer
  • A SENSE OF URGENCY, by John P. Kotter

Both books will be provided during the initial 2 hour introductory session



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