Lean and Green Services

The objective of the Lean and Clean Assessment Process is to identify opportunities for improvements which reduce wastes, increase productivity and profitability, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce impacts on the environment.  Mtech will work with a company team to document, analyze, redesign, and plan specific activities to eliminate wasted energy, materials, and non-value adding activities throughout a selected product/process line.  The value stream mapping process will be used to guide the brainstorming and analysis session.  The following are the primary phases of the project:

  • Phase 1 - Mtech will conduct preliminary on-site assessment and data gathering.

  • Phase 2 - Lean and environmental training on Lean/Clean principles and techniques will be provided to a company team.

  • Phase 3 - A value stream mapping session will be held with the team to identify and prioritize the improvement opportunities within a value stream.

  • Phase 4 - A project summary report documenting the project results and action plans will be created and a meeting will be held with the company to review the results and plan specific follow-up actions.

Mtech will customize the assessment process due to the scope of the targeted area and the specific needs and current conditions of each company; however, each project will include the phases of preliminary assessment, training, analysis, and implementation planning.

Please contact Paul Gietka 410-916-4061 or Dave Rizzardo 410-916-3230 for further information.



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