We are now accepting applications for the next Hinman CEOs class.

Application Process & Timeline
Congratulations on your decision to apply for the Hinman CEOs entering class of fall 2015. We are excited to review your application.

Application Deadline: November 9, 2014

We will begin contacting those students selected for interviews after the October deadline.

All selections will be made by March to accommodate residence planning. A housing application, available January, must be completed to join the Hinman CEOs Program. For details, visit www.southcampuscommons.com. Completing a housing application does not commit you to South Campus Commons in the event that you are not selected for the Hinman CEOs Program.

Applicants must have two academic years remaining at the University to accommodate four normal academic semesters with the Program (e.g. fall 2015 through spring 2017). Students interested in applying to the Program are encouraged to live on campus to mitigate issues with returning to on-campus housing (South Campus Commons) after choosing to move off-campus.

Living-Learning Environment
The heart of the Hinman CEOs Program is the living community. All entering Hinman CEOs students live with Program participants in South Campus Commons. This provides maximum exposure to on-site mentors and instructors, as well as fellow students in the Hinman CEOs Program. All students may live with the Hinman CEOs for the entire two years of the Program. Residency is required for first year Program students and highly encouraged for second year Program students.

Academic Opportunities
Complimenting the living environment are the learning opportunities. Each semester, Hinman CEOs enroll in one course exclusive to participants of the Program. Depending on your major, some or all of these courses may count toward your degree requirements for the upper level elective requirement and for satisfaction of upper level course work out of major. If all requirements are met, participants earn a Hinman CEOs Program notation on their transcript.

The 12 credits earned in Hinman CEOs are applicable to the 15-credit Minor in Technology Entrepreneurship.

Program Values
The Hinman CEOs Program seeks active, high-achieving students who demonstrate in their daily lives the highest ethical values. The Program attracts students with strong leadership characteristics and provides opportunities to explore and further develop the qualities of ethical leaders. By accepting admittance, participants commit to pursuing all activities in and out of the Program in a committed, honest and ethical manner.



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