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MtechMaryland Industrial Partnerships Program (
Research Funding for Technology Product Development

MIPS provides funding for research projects connecting Maryland companies with University System of Maryland faculty to develop technology-based products, services or training. Through MIPS, companies have created or improved revolutionary technologies, including: MedImmune’s Synagis® drug, which prevents a respiratory disease in infants; HughesNet®,, the world’s leading Internet-via-satellite product; Black & Decker’s ultra-efficient masonry drill bits; and Martek Bioscience’s top-selling nutritional additive for healthy foods. Since 1987, MIPS has connected more than 400 companies in Maryland with faculty in the University System of Maryland to develop products in the fields of biotechnology, nanotechnology, engineering, computer science, information technology, homeland security, defense, and energy. More»

MtechVentureAccelerator Program (
Intense, Hands-On Venture Creation Assistance for Faculty and Students

VentureAccelerator helps University of Maryland inventors get their research out of the laboratory and into the commercial sector by helping them create successful companies. VentureAccelerator’s experienced team of business professionals works with university entrepreneurs so they continue to fulfill their academic responsibilities while furthering the development of their companies. VA staff speed the process of venture creation by systematically guiding and coaching inventors through business processes such as:

  • Sound Business Planning
  • Understanding Customers & Markets
  • Setting Goals & Priorities
  • Acquiring Skills & Recruiting Talent
  • Raising Capital


MtechBiotechnology Research and Education Program (
Bioprocessing, Scale-Up, Education, Training, and Productivity Enhancement for Biotech Companies in Maryland

BREP provides research, education and the development of biotechnology products and processes for Maryland companies. BREP’s Bioprocess Scale-Up Facility expert staff offer product scale-up and production capabilities for fermentation, cell culture, separation, purification and analysis. BREP staff address challenging problems with biopolymers, turbulence and multiphase fluid dynamics, biosensors, process analysis and control, and both metabolic and biochemical engineering. BREP also offers customized training programs, which may include hands-on training using a client’s production equipment, or equipment in the BSF. BREP’s Productivity Enhancement initiative applies “Lean Manufacturing” principles to bio-manufacturing. More»


MtechTechnology Advancement Program (
Leading Technology Venture Incubator in Maryland

For more than 20 years, TAP has helped build some of the most successful tech companies in Maryland, including Martek Biosciences, Digene Corporation,, DataStream Content Solutions and NovaScreen. TAP’s staff, comprised of seasoned veterans of startups and venture capital firms, provide: business advice and support, market intelligence, introductions and access to funding. TAP offers furnished offices, flexible lab space, faculty expertise, a talented student pool, and resources afforded by a top research university. More»

MtechA Scholars Program for Industry-Oriented Research in Engineering (ASPIRE) (

ASPIRE offers students a unique opportunity to venture beyond the classroom through collaboration with engineering faculty and staff on mutually interesting projects with industry relevance. In addition to its intrinsic educational value, ASPIRE gives students a competitive edge when applying for jobs or graduate study.

ASPIRE introduces undergraduates to the discipline and rewards of industrially-oriented engineering projects. Students perfrom research during the Fall and/or Spring semesters under the guidance of an engineering faculty or staff mentor. ASPIRE awardees receive a scholarship of $1000 for each semester project. For Summer projects, students receive a scholarship of $3,000 for the summer. All funds are credited to the awardee's university student account. All continuing projects must submit a new application for each semester or summer. More»

MtechFunding (

Mtech offers a variety of funding programs, from MIPS (for research projects with Maryland companies) to ASPIRE, which funds industry-relevant research teaming undergraduate students with faculty. More»

MtechUniversity of Maryland $75K Business Plan Competition (
Annual Competition for Faculty, Students and Recent Alumni to Vet New Tech Venture Ideas

The UM $75K Business Plan Competition promotes the commercialization of innovative ideas and University-created technologies by offering faculty, students, and alumni cash prizes for the best new venture plans. The competition emphasizes learning by offering personal coaching for finalists, as well as the experience of presenting ideas to an experienced panel of investors and judges. Since 2001, the competition has served as a launch point for the commercial success of many previous winners, including Squarespace Inc., RioRey Inc., AnthroTronix Inc., Alertus Technologies, and Chesapeake PERL. More»

MtechUniversity of Maryland Technology Startup Boot Camp (
Annual Intensive, One-Day Workshop and Networking Event on How to Launch Tech Ventures

One of the region’s premier annual entrepreneurship events, the University of Maryland Technology Startup Boot Camp brings together about 500 faculty, students, researchers, CEOs, founders, investors, tech transfer managers, federal lab scientists, and other experts. Headlined by many of the region’s entrepreneurial leaders, the Boot Camp offers both aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs inspiration, knowledge, insight, and connections that will help them successfully launch and grow their technology ideas and startups. More»

MtechEntrepreneur Office Hours (
Free, Open Office Hours for UM Students, Faculty, Staff, and Regional Entrepreneurs with Tech-Based Startups or Ideas

Mtech hosts free office hours each month to help aspiring and current entrepreneurs with tech-based startups or ideas get advice on how to:

  • build and finance a startup company
  • develop and protect intellectual property
  • navigate the technology transfer process
  • refine business strategy for rapid growth
  • tap into other entrepreneurial resources



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