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July 13 - August 1, 2014

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Dr. James V. Green

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The Young Scholars Program is administered by the Office of Extended Studies, University of Maryland.

Earn College Credit and Explore Entrepreneurship or Biopharmaceutical Production

Welcome to the University of Maryland's Young Scholars Program. Rising high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors with exceptional ability and promise are invited to attend an amazing college experience. In the Young Scholars Program, you'll select one three-credit course, devoting a large part of your three weeks to attending class, enjoying field trips or guest speakers, studying, working on projects, and preparing for exams. The Young Scholars Program offers courses in a broad range of theme areas. Whether you choose to live on campus or commute from home, you'll fully experience university life at Maryland!

ENES 140: Discovering New Ventures – Foundations of Entrepreneurship
Explore dynamic business and technology topics by working in teams to design a new business. This exciting multi-disciplinary course helps you learn the basic business, strategy, and leadership skills needed to launch new ventures. You'll also learn how to assess the feasibility of a startup venture, as well as how to apply best practices for planning, launching, and managing new companies. Learn to recognize opportunities, assess the skills and talents of successful entrepreneurs, and learn models and "rules of thumb" that help navigate uncertainty.

BIOE 160: Biopharmaceutical Production
Ever wondered how human insulin can be made from E.coli? Since the 1980s, biotech companies have made medical drugs using biotechnology. These companies use living cells to produce proteins, antibodies, and nucleic acids for therapeutic purposes. This course takes students through a biotechnology “campaign” where they will transform E.coli into a green fluorescent protein factory. Students work in teams, simulating a start-up biotech company. Focus is placed on the basics of recombinant DNA technology, as applied to biopharmaceutical manufacturing, in a classroom setting. Students will work through a “production campaign” including all key steps of manufacturing a protein product.