At Mtech, we believe that a firm grasp of the entrepreneurial process and mind-set benefits every person engaged in developing technology. Our goal is to infuse technology-creating students, faculty members and professionals with that knowledge and its accompanying skills. Armed with an entrepreneurial mind-set, technology creators drive economic growth by launching successful ventures and bringing life-changing products and services to market.

Entrepreneurship Education Opportunities

MtechEntrepreneurship and Innovation Program (
Two-Year, Living-Learning Entrepreneurship Program for Academically Talented Freshman and Sophomore Students

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program provides freshmen and sophomores from all majors the opportunity to learn and live entrepreneurship and innovation. Students develop the entrepreneurial mindsets, skill sets, and relationships to launch successful concepts with startup companies and corporate ventures. Through experiential learning, dynamic courses, seminars, workshops, competitions, and volunteerism, students receive a world-class education in entrepreneurship and innovation. In collaboration with faculty and mentors who have successfully launched new ventures, all student teams develop an innovative idea and write a product plan. More»

MtechEntrepreneurship Courses (

Whether you’re in middle school, high school, an undergraduate, a graduate student, or a corporate executive, Mtech offers a broad array of entrepreneurship and innovation courses tailored for you. More»

MtechHillman Entrepreneurs Program (
Three-Year Transfer Program to Create Entrepreneurial Leaders

The Hillman Entrepreneurs Program is an innovative educational initiative for transfer students who begin their study at the Prince George’s Community College or Montgomery College and complete their bachelor’s degrees at the University of Maryland. This three-year scholarship program is targeted at students driven to be successful entrepreneurs and leaders in their communities. Hillman Entrepreneurs features a series of entrepreneurship and leadership courses, mentoring from full-time directors, networking opportunities and community-building activities. The program was established through a generous $1.7 million gift from the David H. and Suzanne D. Hillman Family Foundation. More»

MtechHinman CEOs Program (
Two-Year, Living-Learning Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Program

Featured on CNN and the recipient of numerous awards, Hinman CEOs is the nation’s first living-learning entrepreneurship program, placing entrepreneurially minded students from all disciplines into a unique community in which students live together, learn about entrepreneurship through courses and an exclusive speaker series, and can launch new ventures. The program’s on-site business coaching services, entrepreneurs-in-residence, $250,000 Impact Seed Fund and Hinman Alumni Fund provide a rich environment for launching new ventures. Incoming juniors are invited to apply for this competitive program. The mission of Hinman CEOs is to foster an entrepreneurial spirit, create a sense of community and cooperation, and develop ethical leaders. University alumnus and successful entrepreneur Brian Hinman provided $2.5 million to initiate and support the Program. More»

MtechImpact Seed Fund (

The purpose of the Impact Seed Fund is to encourage innovative and creative thinking and provide the opportunity to execute on those innovative ideas. The fund, valued at $50,000 per year, is available to Hinman CEOs, Hillman Entrepreneurs, and Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program students at the University of Maryland. Distribution of seed funding will favor proposals that consider potential for offering a positive impact on society or that provide a solution that includes a forward-thinking strategy. More»

MtechMaster of Technology Entrepreneurship (

The 30-credit, 15-month Master of Technology Entrepreneurship, available online to current and aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide, features the university's most advanced and comprehensive entrepreneurship curriculum to date, taking students from concept development and prototyping to business model generation and customer validation, as well as legal aspects of entrepreneurship, financial and innovation management, and effective growth strategies. More»

MtechMinor in Technology Entrepreneurship (

The Minor develops the entrepreneurial mind-set and functional skillsets of students to improve their ability to create, launch, and manage technology ventures. Students earn the minor by completing coursework which focuses on entrepreneurial opportunity analysis, marketing high-technology products, strategies for managing innovation, and international entrepreneurship and innovation. More»

MtechYoung Scholars Discovery
Summer Course for Current Seventh or Eighth Grade Students Interested Entrepreneurship

Young Scholars Discovery welcomes rising eighth and ninth grade middle school students to an exceptional learning opportunity at the University of Maryland. For two challenging weeks, Discovery nurtures academically talented students who share similar interests, abilities, and goals. Discovery scholars explore new ideas, acquire skills and knowledge, and learn about career opportunities. Innovative faculty provide dynamic instruction and encourage interactive problem solving. This summer, discover, explore, grow, and learn about university life at Maryland with Young Scholars Discovery! Mtech's Young Scholars Discovery course is EXST 011, Designing Your Own Business, which teaches students the basic business, strategy, and leadership skills needed to launch new ventures. More»

MtechYoung Scholars Program (
Summer Courses for High School Students Interested in Entrepreneurship, High-Tech Marketing and Biopharmaceutical Production

The Young Scholars Program invites high school students from throughout the U.S. and the world to an amazing pre-college experience at the University of Maryland. Rising high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors with exceptional ability and promise pursue academic interests, discover career opportunities, and earn three university credits. This summer, be part of an international, multicultural community and experience university life at Maryland. Mtech's summer 2013 Young Scholars courses include: ENES 140 Discovering New Ventures - Foundations in Entrepreneurship and BIOE 160 Biopharmaceutical Production. More»


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