Entrepreneurship Essentials Online Program

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Complete the Entrepreneurship Essentials Online Program with the flexibility to complete the courses on your own schedule at your own pace without interrupting day-to-day activities or compromising the learning experience.
Student Eligibility

Students must be currently enrolled in an undergraduate program at an accredited university and in good standing. Undergraduate students from all disciples are eligible to apply. There are no academic pre-requisites necessary to enroll in the University of Maryland Entrepreneurship Essentials Online Program.

All students must have access to a computer with speakers and a high-speed Internet connection. All students will be provided access to a web-based educational platform for all classroom activities for the duration of the Program. For optimum online course viewing, we suggest Microsoft® Internet Explorer® Web Browsers 7 or 8, Mozilla® Firefox and Netscape® Navigator Web Browsers 3.5 or 3.6, or Apple® Safari® Web Browsers operating on Mac OS 10.5.




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