Entrepreneurship Essentials Online Program

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Complete the Entrepreneurship Essentials Online Program with the flexibility to complete the courses on your own schedule and at your own pace without interrupting day-to-day activities or compromising the learning experience.
Student Eligibility

Students must be currently enrolled in an accredited high school and in good standing. There are no academic pre-requisites necessary to enroll in the University of Maryland Entrepreneurship Essentials Online Program. Minimum high school grade point average is 3.0.

All students must have access to a computer with speakers and a high-speed Internet connection. All students will be provided access to a web-based educational platform for all classroom activities for the duration of the Program. For optimum online course viewing, we suggest Microsoft® Internet Explorer® Web Browsers 7 or 8, Mozilla® Firefox and Netscape® Navigator Web Browsers 3.5 or 3.6, or Apple® Safari® Web Browsers operating on Mac OS 10.5.




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