Entrepreneurship Essentials Online Program

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Give your student the best chance for success. The Entrepreneurship Essentials Online Program is great for students eager to learn the fundamentals of how to start up their own company one day and diversifying educational experience to improve their college applications.

The Program will augment any education with the business knowledge that will make an impact in your student's future plans. With no travel or residential costs, the Program is an affordable investment in your student's future. The entire Program is completed online in the summer giving students the flexibility to work on their own schedule without interrupting their planned activities.

Benefits include:

  • Entrepreneurship and business education specifically designed for students; No previous business experience required.

  • Convenient e-learning environment to suit student's schedule without interrupting day-to-day activities or compromising the learning experience.

  • Entrepreneurial expertise of the Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute (Mtech) at University of Maryland's over three decades of venture creation.

  • Access to faculty for reliable, consistent support.

  • Addition of the University of Maryland Entrepreneurship Essentials Program to your student's college applications and resume.

The Entrepreneurship Essentials Online Program is a non-credit Program. No certificate or degree is conferred upon completion of the Program.




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