Entrepreneurship Essentials Online Program

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Learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship in this 3-week, online summer University of Maryland Entrepreneurship Essentials Program.

Through the Program, you will learn the answers to such questions as:

  • How to develop a successful business plan.

  • What are the principles of entrepreneurial opportunity analysis and decision-making in an increasingly dynamic and technically-inclined society?

  • How to understand what customers really value and effectively position your innovation for targeting the right set of customers.

  • What is right type of financial capital for your venture and how to acquire it?

The Entrepreneurship Essentials Online Program is offered exclusively online, there is no face-to-face component. Students are expected to fully participate in course readings, online discussions, and the submission of one major deliverable per course. The Entrepreneurship Essentials Online Program is a non-credit Program. No certificate or degree is conferred upon completion of the Program.




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