Entrepreneurship Essentials Online Program

Who can enroll in the Entrepreneurship Essentials Online Program?

Any student enrolled in an accredited high school or university and is in good standing is eligible to enroll. See specific requirements for high school, undergraduate, and graduate students.

What are the Program dates?

To be determined.

How do I apply for the Entrepreneurship Essentials Online Program?

Applications are accepted online, on a rolling basis up until one week prior to the start of classes. Registration must be completed on this website. There are no academic pre-requisites necessary to enroll in the University of Maryland Entrepreneurship Essentials Online Program. Applicants will be informed of admission within one week of submission.

What are the basic technical requirements for the Program?

All students must have access to a computer with speakers and a high-speed Internet connection. All students will be provided access to a web-based educational platform for all classroom activities for the duration of the Program. For optimum online course viewing, we suggest Microsoft® Internet Explorer® Web Browsers 7 or 8, Mozilla® Firefox and Netscape® Navigator Web Browsers 3.5 or 3.6, or Apple® Safari® Web Browsers operating on Mac OS 10.5.

How is the Program taught online?

The web-based educational platform is used to teach the Entrepreneurship Essentials Online Program completely online. No software installation is needed, only an Internet connect is required for access. Additional log-in information will be provided to students enrolled in the Program. All courses are presented online in a combination of video lectures and power point presentations to create a virtual classroom. The online platform completes the virtual classroom with discussion and assignment submission capabilities.

Are there any face-to-face meetings?

No. The Program is 100% online.

Is there a specific online meeting time?

No. The Program is asynchronous, meaning that all communications, videos, discussions, etc. are posted online for later viewing and participation. This allows you to develop the most convenient and effective personal work/study schedules rather than having to adhere to predetermined class meeting times.

What topics are covered in the Entrepreneurship Essentials Online Program?

The University of Maryland Entrepreneurship Essentials Online Program is an online Program structured to give students a fundamental understanding of entrepreneurship. The Program includes four courses: Entrepreneurial Opportunity Analysis, Entrepreneurial Marketing, Innovative Design Thinking and Business Planning.

What type of Program support is provided for Entrepreneurship Essentials students?

Students have access to the faculty through email and the interactive discussion board. Through the online discussion board, students may post questions or comments about the Program material for additional help.

Can I get academic credit for completing the Program?

No. The Entrepreneurship Essentials Online Program is a non-credit Program. No certificate or degree is conferred upon completion of the Program.

Does completion of the Program guarantee me admission into the University of Maryland degree programs?

No. Individuals interested in UM degree programs are required to apply through the normal process.

Do tuition remission benefits extend to this program?

No, this is a non-credit program.

How much does the Program cost?

The Entrepreneurship Essentials Online Program costs $500.

Are loans or scholarships available for the Program?

No. The Program is competitively priced to make it affordable for its participants.

How do I pay for the Program?

When submitting your application you will be prompted to pay online through a secure payment service; Visa, Mastercard and American Express are accepted.




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