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Learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and innovation online this summer. The Entrepreneurship Essentials Online Program enhances entrepreneurship skills for launching an innovative venture, starting a new career, and diversifying your education, with no business background required.

  • Gain competitive advantage for your career growth, for venture creation, and for college or industry pursuits.

  • Work online on your own schedule, without interrupting day-to-day activities or compromising the learning experience.

  • Affordable alternative to credit-based courses and face-to-face programs.

At the Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute (Mtech), we focus on two things: possibilities and results. We offer programs, courses, workshops and competitions to help aspiring entrepreneurs learn how to bring their ideas and products to the world. Armed with an entrepreneurial mind-set, innovators drive economic growth by launching successful ventures and bringing life-changing products and services to market.

High School
Dates TBD

Dates TBD
Dates TBD

Set yourself apart from other college applicants by adding the Entrepreneurship Essentials Online Program to your education.

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Develop your entrepreneurial skill set and knowledge to make an impact on your career goals.

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Learn how to commercialize your research, launch your own venture and improve your career prospects.

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Top FAQs

Q: Are there any face-to-face meetings?
A: No. The Program is 100% online.»

Q: Is there a specific online meeting time?
A: No. The Program is asynchronous.»

Q: Who can enroll in the Entrepreneurship
Essentials Online Program?
A: Any student enrolled in an accredited
high school or university can enroll.»

Q: Can I get academic credit for completing
the Program?
A: No. This is a non-credit Program.»

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