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EIP Student Advisory Board: 2018-19 Academic Year

Heeya Trisal, Class of 2021


Majors: Information Systems and Operations Management

Minor: Technology Entrepreneurship

Hometown: Frederick, MD

Activities: Innovo Scholars Student Consultant, Leadershape Institute Scholar, La Plata Hall Executive Council (VP of Communications/Marketing), Smith Undergraduate Student Association (Creative Ad Designer - Marketing Committee), Teaching Assistant (TA) - HONR239B

Internships: National Honor Society - Blue and Gray Chapter (Treasurer and Intern), Office of Career Services

My favorite thing about EIP: Learning that there is need in the world and I have the ability fill it

My favorite honors seminar: HONR239B: New York and the American Dream

Samantha Amo, Class of 2022


Majors: Communication and Marketing

Hometown: Scotch Plains, NJ

Activities: Catholic Terps, Food Recovery Network, Tell-A-Terp Call Center

My favorite thing about EIP: EIP provides me with countless opportunities, both academic and social, that allow me to take full advantage of everything Maryland has to offer. The successful entrepreneurs I have met and learned from have inspired me to stay determined in my academic pursuits. My peers are some of the kindest and brightest people I have met and push me every day to be my best self.

My favorite honors seminar: HONR208L- Justice Matters: Literature and the Law. This class is extremely interesting and challenged me to think beyond the typical implementation of the law.

Angela Chien, Class of 2022

Engagement Chair

Majors: Management and Finance

Hometown: Potomac, MD 

Activities: Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority, Taiwanese American Student Association, Honors Ambassadors

My favorite thing about EIP: I love being in a tight-knit community and interacting with people from different backgrounds. EIP offers entrepreneurship opportunities that I would never have pursued on my own and pushes me out of my comfort zone.

Anjali Kalra, Class of 2022

Events Chair

Major: Biology

Hometown: Gaithersburg, MD

Activities: Club Field Hockey, Skiing and Photography

Internships: National Cancer Institute, Sensei Biopharmaceutical Company

Scholarships and Awards: Girl Scout Gold Award

My favorite thing about EIP: The opportunity to potentially start a business and be surrounded by motivated, like-minded students with a passion for entrepreneurship.

Favorite Honors Seminar: HONR279K-0101: Honors Seminar; Magic, Science, and Religion.

Vasmi Patel, Class of 2022

General Member

Major: Finance

Hometown: Delmar, MD

Activities: Smith Investment Fund, Smith Finance Group, International Economics & Finance Society, Women in Finance Mentorship Program, SmithPeers

Internships/Jobs: Fulton Bank

Scholarship & Awards: Banneker/Key Scholarship

Favorite thing about EIP: EIP fosters a sense of community on this large campus. This program teaches us the skills we need that are applicable to solving first-world problems. By being a part of a community that thrives on teamwork and finding synergies, we have the ability to catalyze change together within the world.

Favorite Honors Seminar: HONR289N: From Fat to Fit to Olympic Gold:Physical Activity in Health & Human Performance. It captures the perfect strike between lecture and physical activity. I already learned how to lift and do gymnastics while in this class! Dr. Farmer takes interest in learning about your health and providing valuable advice in improving it moving forward. I highly recommend students to take this course. It’s fun and far from your traditional seminar!

Hannah Vinner, Class of 2022

General Member

Major: Undecided

Hometown: Rockville, MD

Activities: Engineering World Health, Circle K, Club Tennis, UMD Spikeball and meeting new people!

My favorite thing about EIP: Learning with a diverse group of students and gaining unique opportunities!

Eeshah Haq, Class of 2022

General Member

Major: Finance

Hometown: Germantown, MD

Activities: EIP Honors College, Smith Finance Group, MaryPIRG, Softball

My favorite thing about EIP: Being able to live with like-minded people who are willing to work hard to be successful! Living and learning with the same people allows for strong friendships that’ll last a lifetime!

Favorite Honors Seminar: HONR278Z - The Philosophies and Practices of Yoga: Not only do we practice Yoga, but we also learn the meaning behind some of the actions and the steps to live a happier life!

Gloria Ngo, Class of 2022

General Member

Major: Accounting

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Activities: LaPlata Hall Executive Senator, VSA

My favorite thing about EIP: EIP has such a diverse group of students and I'm constantly learning new things from them every day. I've also made some amazing friends in EIP.

Favorite honors seminar: HONR279B-Social Security in Changing America.