The Honors academic program combines small classes taught by
exceptional faculty with the wide range of additional education
opportunities offered by a large research institution. There are four
courses totaling 9 credits that are exclusively available to EIP
students. The academic program also consists of two Honors Seminars approved by the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program. Honors seminars and courses are an excellent way to satisfy graduation requirements as many of these classes may count towards general education requirements and the student's major.

The academic program also requires an additional 6-credits of Honors
Seminars or I-Series courses to bring the total honors course load to
15 credits. There is no restriction on which course topics can be taken. These courses may be taken during any academic year, but must be completed prior to receiving the academic citation. Click here for more about honors seminars. Click here for more about I-Series courses.

EIP Curriculum


*HEIP 143: Foundations of Entrepreneurship & Innovation is a seminar
course focused on building the entrepreneurial mindset and introducing basic entrepreneurship principles and terminology. (1 credit,
Replaces HONR 100)

*HEIP 144: Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship & Innovation inspires innovation and creativity through interactive lectures, workshops, and case studies in contemporary issues to include design, energy, life sciences, healthcare, technology. (3 credit)


*HEIP 240: Exploring International Entrepreneurship & Innovation provides an introduction to the opportunities and challenges of entrepreneurship and innovation from an international perspective through lectures and guest speakers with international experiences. (3 credit)

*HEIP 241: EIP Capstone: Creating Enterprise with Social Impact addresses the global necessity to develop and implement solutions to critical social and environmental concerns in ways that are both technologically viable and economically sustainable. Top ventures may be awarded part of the $50,000 Mtech Impact Seed Fund. (2 credit)

The Honors Seminars or I-Series courses may also fill your General Education Requirements. HEIP240 fulfills General Education Scholarship-in-Practice outside of major requirements.





EIP turtle

Entrepreneurship at the University of Maryland

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program students at the University of Maryland (video)

"Through completing this project on marketing [in HEIP 144,] I discovered that I might actually be more creative than I give myself credit for."
-- Anne Gladding, business major, above, second from the right.

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