Curent Mtech Ventures Companies

The list below collectively Includes companies in the Technology Advancement Program, VentureAccelerator Program and TERP Startup Lab.

  • Calabash Bioscience
  • Hawkeye Medical
  • MedSense
  • Online Fluency
  • Prasidiux
  • Rakta Therapeutics
  • SD NanoSciences

Select List of Current and Graduate TAP Companies


Eastern Analytical, Inc.

EBTech/HallCloset Comml, Inc.

EchoDynamics, Inc.

Energy Dense Power Systems

Environmental Comm. Consultant

ERS, Inc., Inc.



FlexEl LLC

Freewing Aircraft Corp.



GeoQwest International, Inc.

Global Outpost, Inc.


EB Tech/HallCloset Communications, Inc.



Health Care Futures, Inc.

Homequest Network

Horizon Resources, Inc.

Hydrodyne, Inc.




Innovative Biosensors



Lean Power, Inc.

Lifetime Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Litetrends Co., Inc.




Marketplace TV, Inc.

Martek, Corp. [NASDAQ: MATK]

Med-Q Corporation

Medtest Systems, Inc.

Micronet Software Corp.

Molecular Toxicology, Inc.




Namian Labs, Inc.

Neocera, Inc.

NetInterests, Inc.

Neuralstem, Inc.

NovaScreen Bio. Corp.
[acquired by Caliper NASDAQ: CALP in 2005]











Adheron Corp.

Affiliate Classroom

AIRS, Inc.

Alan Penn Associates, Inc.

Animal Genetics Systems, Inc.

AnthroTronix, Inc.

Applied Media Analysis

AscentGene, Inc.

Assay Research, Inc.

ATEC, Inc.



Beacon Corp.

Behavheuristics, Inc.

Bioavailability Systems, Inc.

Bioelectronics Corp.

Bioserve Biotechnologies, Ltd.

Biospace International Corp.

BioSurface Engineering Technologies, Inc.

BWI Distributions

Bypass Systems, Inc.



Celadon Labs, Inc.

Chesapeake PERL, Inc.

ClaraGen, Inc.

CoolCAD Electronics, LLC


Cornell Technical Services


Custom Command Systems, Inc.

Customer Insites/e-Satisfy, Inc.

Cutting Edge Technologies, Inc.

CytImmune Sci.

Cytonix Corporation



DataStream Content Solutions

Digene Corp. [NASDAQ: DIGE]

Dovetail Technologies


OmniSpeech, LLC

OncoImmunin, Inc.

Operant Systems

Optical Communications, Corp.




Particle Technology, Inc.

Physical Dynamics, Inc.

Pixelligent Technologies

Potomac Photonics, Inc. [acquired by Hoovers]

Prognosys, LLC

ProteinOne, Inc.



Remedium Technologies Inc.

Renova Life Inc.

Resensys LLC




SLS Industries Inc.

Spessard Manufacturing




TAP Multimedia LLC

Telemechanics, Inc.

TeraStore, Inc.

Thermal Analysis Partners

Top Orchids, Inc.


TRX Systems



Vibran Technologies, Inc.

VisiSonics Corporation

Viteq Corp.



Xenotran Corp.



Zone Therapeutics, Inc.














Select Mtech Ventures Graduate Companies

Formerly Zymetis; developed enzymes
for converting cellulose
into biofuel and related products; acquired by Aemetis in 2011; maintains a presence in College Park

Omega-3 fatty acids from algae; mass-produced for infant formula and other health products; acquired by Royal DSM for $1.1 billion; still in Columbia

Human-computer interface technology company; received FDA clearance for its DANA mobile brain health assessment tool
in fall, 2014;
based in Silver Spring

Neural stem cell therapy and pharmaceuticals for
the treatment of diseases and conditions of the central nervous system; $183 million market cap; based in Germantown

Mass, precision data conversion company; acquired by Dolan Media
for $20 million; still
based in College Park

Provider of drug discovery and development services and products; purchased
by Caliper Life Sciences
for $30 million in 2005

Developed the first gene-based test for HPV; acquired by Qiagen for $1.6 billion; still in Germantown

Hybrid vehicle technology; licensed all 23 of its domestic and foreign patents to Toyota and its breakthrough hybrid vehicle patent (U.S. Patent 5,343, 970) to Ford Motor Company in 2010

Nanocrystal dispersions for optical applications and both LED and OLED lighting; raised $26 million in financing; based in a 13,000 sq. ft. facility in Baltimore

Business information provider; bought by Hoover’s Inc. in 2000
for $17 million

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