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Maryland Innovation Mpact:
Bringing Fearless Ideas to Market

Wednesday, October 23, 2013
2-6 p.m., Riggs Alumni Center, Orem Hall

  • Come see more than 20 startups created at UMD and UMB, including new student ventures and companies launched from university inventions.

  • Learn about the Lean Startup Model, and how the university is employing this methodology to build the next generation of successful startups in Maryland.

  • Hear from Henry "Pete" Linsert, former Chairman of Martek Biosciences, acquired by Royal DSM in 2010 for $1.1 billion, and learn how Martek leveraged the resources of Mtech's entrepreneurship ecosystem to succeed.

  • Network with regional investors, advisors, and entrepreneurs!

Maryland Innovation Impact Agenda

2 p.m.


Student Startup Showcase

Meet some of the newest student startups at the University of Maryland!


Advanced Heliostats is a heliostat company that seeks to be the low-cost provider of heliostats to concentrated solar power developers. 

Birich Technologies  

Birich Technologies is a seed-stage start-up focused on the commercialization of a superior method for delivering gene silencing agents into the cell.


FiscalNote Inc. organizes the world's government information by aggregating silos of unstructured government data and news from around the web and telling executives at the center of government uncertainty what changes are coming.

Food Recovery Network  

Food Recovery Network unites students at colleges and universities to fight food waste and hunger by recovering surplus perishable food from their campuses and surrounding communities that would otherwise go to waste and donating it to people in need.


GreenCan is developing an intelligent trash can that sorts recyclables from garbage.

    Hotdrop is developing a social platform for location-based anonymous messages.

Hyperion Technologies LLC was started in 2012 by a group of researchers who share a common passion of developing game-changing innovations in the unmanned systems realm. We provide clients with creative and agile engineering services so they can meet their hardest robotics problems.


Imaginex is a creative engineering firm that bridges the gap between science and art, specializing in augmented reality, 3D projection mapping, interactive installations, and real time visualizations.


MotionVibe is a web and mobile-based social fitness network that facilitates the sharing, monitoring, and disseminating of resources throughout a fitness ecosystem.

Startup Shell  

Startup Shell is a student-run technology collective that advances ventures while leading educational initiatives in our greater community.


VentureBoard is a platform to reduce barriers to entrepreneurship and grow entrepreneurial culture in higher education

3 p.m.


Welcome and Introduction
Darryll Pines, Dean, A. James Clark School of Engineering

3:15 p.m.


Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Mtech: Methodologies, Impact, and a Look to the Future
Craig Dye, Director, Mtech Ventures and Director, Technology Advancement Program

3:30 p.m.


Lean Launchpad, DC I-Corps and the Future of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Edmund Pendleton, Director, VentureAccelerator program and Director, DC I-Corps program

4:10 p.m.


Long-Term Company Impact in the State of Maryland: an Introduction to Martek Biosciences

4:15 p.m.


Martek's Story: Bringing Impact to Millions of Children Around the World, and How the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Works
Henry "Pete" Linsert, Former Chairman, Martek Biosciences Corporation

4:45 p.m.


MPower: The Power of University Research as a Driver for Big-Impact Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Patrick O'Shea, Vice President and Chief Research Officer, University of Maryland

5 p.m.   Showcase: Companies Launched from Intellectual Property Created at UMD/UMB
Analytical Informatics  

Analytical Informatics aims to revolutionize data management in health care, providing physicians, quality leaders, and other clinicians with real-time access to vital clinical information across many systems to help them improve clinical quality and efficiency.

Diagnostic anSERS  

Diagnostic anSERS is developing molecular fingerprinting technology for forensics and chemical analysis.


Innovital Technologies is a new spin-off from Techno-Sciences Inc. (Maryland Tech Council’s 2010 High Tech Company of the Year) focusing on innovation to advance healthcare.


MucoTrans is developing technologies that focus on mucosal vaccines and immune therapeutics.


Myotherapeutics is developing a clinical assay for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig's disease.

N5 Sensors  

N5 Sensors is developing chemical sensors for industrial and environmental monitoring.

Omic Biosystems  

Omic Biosystems has developed a method for detecting of low abundance proteins in a more effective and more economical way, applicable to basic antifungal agent research, as well as broader applications in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.


Otomagnetics is developing a non-invasive method to effectively deliver drugs and other therapeutic payloads to the inner and middle ear.


Prasidiux LLC is developing "smart polymer gel" technologies that indicate exposure to desired temperatures.

Precision Polyolefins  

Precision Polyolefins is developing a proprietary manufacturing process that converts plentiful and domestically available propylene gas to pure white oils and waxes.

SD Nanosciences  

SD Nanosciences utilizes breakthroughs in nanotechnology to develop biotechnological applications for pathogen detection, cancer screening, vaccines, and drug delivery.


SilcsBio LLC provides software and services for unlocking the full potential of computer-driven drug design.

    Tauros Engineering LLC is developing a sensor system for the detection of scour and of river migration.

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Register Online!

This event is part of Mpact Week, a four-day event showcasing the Clark School's research, education, innovation, and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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