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Warren Citrin co-founded Solipsys Corporation in March 1996. He was the CEO and a member of the Board of Solipsys from 1996 until the sale of the company to Raytheon Company in March 2003. Under his leadership, Solipsys grew to more than 200 employees with no debt or outside ownership. In May 2003 he won the Ernst and Young Maryland Entrepreneur of the Year award. Following the sale to Raytheon, Citrin was selected for membership to the Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems oversight committee, which directs the efforts of over 12,000 employees worldwide. He held that position and remained as President and Board member of Raytheon Solipsys until leaving the company in April 2005 to start a new venture. His new company, Gloto Corp., specializes in the application of technology to improve mobile consumer/merchant transactions.

Prior to his founding of Solipsys, Citrin was the assistant supervisor of the Engineering Analysis Group at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU/APL). During his 18 years at JHU/APL, he contributed to the design and development of automatic signal processing and tracking systems for numerous surface and airborne combatant radar systems. From 1985 until 1996, Citrin led the design, development, and integration of what remains the U.S. Navy’s premier radar network, the Cooperative Engagement Capability.

In 2007, Citrin established the $250,000 Impact Pre-Seed Fund at the University of Maryland, which offers grants, in $500 to $5,000 increments, to students in Mtech’s Hinman CEOs, Hillman Entrepreneurs, and Entrepreneurship and Innovation programs.

This year, Citrin established the Warren Citrin Graduate Fellowships, which support four Ph.D. students interested in conducting commercially viable research in the broad area of sustainability, through a $560,000 gift.


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